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Temperature | Humidity | Pressure

Our mission is to be a one-stop solution provider for our customers. This includes providing a calibration and measurement laboratory which is continually upgraded to meet the most demanding customer requirements. Our customers can be assured of the high quality of our products and services delivered through our in-house Calibration Lab that is SAC-Singlas accredited. We are further able to offer both in-house and on-site Pressure and Instrument calibration services to match our customers’ special requirements. Our advanced facility is equipped with the latest technology to  provide testing services for Internal & external hydrostatic testing, Dye penetration testing on welding areas, Surface roughness testing and Ultrasonic testing.

Calibration & Measurement Services for

Temperature Metrology

SAC-Singlas 17025


• Digital Thermometer

• RTD Sensor

• RTD Sensor with Indicator

• Thermocouple

• Thermocouple with Indicator

• Temperature Gauge

• Capillary Thermometer

• Bi-Metal Thermometer

• Indicator with Sensor instruments

• Chart Recorder

• Temperature Dry Bath

• RTD Simulator

• RTD Meter

• Thermocouple Calibrator

• Temperature Controller

• Temperature Indicator

• Data Logger

• Thermistor

• Temperature / Humidity Measuring instruments

• Thermo-hygrograph

• Thermo-hygrometer

Calibration & Measurement Services for

Pressure Gauge

• Analogue Pressure Gauge

• Digital Pressure Gauge

• Pressure Sensor

• Pressure Indicator/Meter

• Diaphragm Pressure Gauge

• Pressure Transmitter

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