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We are able to supply industrial customized heaters ; such as : - immersion heater - bobbin heater - Teflon heater - cartridge heater - band heater - coil heater - etc


i. Wire Cables

Thermotron-CE supplies high quality thermocouple wires from well-established manufacturing principals based both in the US and EU, and who have a long standing arrangement with our company. We offer multiple specialized thermocouple models, in addition to compensating and extension cables for the transmission thermoelectric voltages. These solutions are applicable to various industries including the Oil and Gas industry.


ii. Connectors

Need a miniature connector? No problem. Our storehouse boasts a massive variety of connectors. Connect with us today for assistance. Are you looking for a miniature connector plug and socket for type K, J, T, or RTD or searching for a panel mounted round or square connector? Our customer service consultants will be delighted to your listen to your needs and pick out just the right product you're looking for.


iii. Others

We carrying various item in our warehouse in order to provide more choices products to our customers.

  • Thermostat

  • Thermometer: Single channel, dual channels and multiple channels.

  • Thermo Hygro-meter

  • Etc

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